Hardwood Timber Furniture

Hardwood timber is ideal for outdoor settings of tables and chairs as it is almost impervious to rain, sun, wind or snow. Soft timber would quickly rot and warp in such conditions, but hardwood does not. You would have seen those thick piers and masts in yachts that are made from hardwood and last for many years in such a wet environment. Hardwood is usually quite heavy because it is so dense, but this is why it can withstand the weather. At Drovers, we understand that Perth residents love hardwood for their alfresco entertainment areas, so we supply many different styles of tables and chairs for them.

Make sure your outdoor setting lasts for years and cannot move around in a gale or rot from rain by choosing hardwood tables and chairs. It’s ideal for the veranda or inside as well, with the beautiful patina that only comes from timber.

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