Bookcases & Display Furniture

Every homeowner appreciates the need for bookcases and display shelves. At Drovers, we make sure Perth residents have a wide variety to choose from. Our bookshelves are made from sturdy recycled commercial timber and steel because we know just how heavy books can be. Choose from our attractive asymmetrical shelves in timber and steel, or boat wood shelves styled to mimic a real boat.

These attractive additions to your home will ensure there is always room to display your treasures whether they are books or treasured mementoes from an overseas holiday. Our large showrooms contain many different kinds of shelving units and display shelves for books, trophies, pictures and all your other memorabilia. Have it out where you can see and enjoy it instead of forgotten in a drawer. They are suitable for any room in the house and can fit in many a small corner to add interest to your decor.

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