Bali Furniture / Recycled Timber

Many people these days choose furniture that they have seen on holidays in Bali made from ‘reclaimed’ or recycled timber. At Drovers, we appreciate this need and have taken pleasure in supplying our Perth customers with many different examples. Tables and chairs made from recycled wood are very attractive, but it can also be used for shelving, storage units, daybeds, bookcases and benches. Because the nail holes and other marks from its former life are still visible it can be a very interesting ice-breaker when you have guests.

Everyone looks for an interesting topic of conversation when entertaining and what could be better than discussing what the former life of your recycled timber furniture was. Furniture made from recycled timber or metal is suitable for use indoors and outside. So if you are creating a haven in the garden where you can go with a book or a coffee, consider using some of our recycled furniture. It’s a really good choice.

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