Wicker Furniture | Poly Rattan, Water Hyacinth

Love wicker furniture? At Drovers, we stock wicker chairs, wicker tables and wicker bars for Perth people who love all things wicker. This type of furniture can be made from plant material that is dried and twisted into the intricate woven shapes seen in most such furniture. It can also be made from non-organic materials (Poly Rattan), which makes it more suitable for outdoor furniture as it won’t rot.

Even organic wicker furniture can stay outside for a few weeks at a time and hosing it down to clean it every so often won’t harm it, especially if it has been protected with a waterproof finish. Wicker is a very trendy material for casual furniture of any kind, be it tables, chairs, wicker daybeds or bars. It brings back memories of yesteryear, but is much stronger than the furniture Grandma had. Add some padded cushions to this wicker furniture for ultimate comfort.

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